Having been in the hot seat since the beginning of the year and trying to make sense of all the activities and issues we need to address I can now start a process of updating members on a regular basis.

I will categorise the first set of issues and actions as follows:

Town Hall Action Required

Street Lighting – started and ongoing – A Sector completed now progressing to B, C and D.
Street Signs – Sector B to start within 14 days … signs on order.
Street Signs missing on other sectors – noted.

Road Repair  – Town Hall Workers expected on ‘D’ Monday 8th February to inspect and assess the issue on the Dual Carriageway going into D. Other Road Repairs – noted for future attention.

Legalising properties on Camposol and issuing Fin Obras and Certificates of Habitation under way – Architect drawing up plans to enable this to happen. Expected to complete within the next 6 months.

Pavement repairs well underway on Sector ‘B’ – progress being monitored.

Abandoned and Derelict Properties – process identified … CRA to identify owners through use of town hall records and will then take the first steps in following the legal process of denouncing the properties, which will then be followed up by the Town Hall.

Embargoes on properties unfortunately is not a town hall issue and people with embargoes will need to follow a legal process. However the CRA are currently seeking advice for residents affected as MASA may be going into receivership.

The Rambla on ‘D’ and the disaster caused by the Gota Fria. Cause of disaster being challenged and looking into getting compensation for residents effected. As it now transpires there was more than one Rambla that the water came down. The Town Hall looking at diverting the water from the second rambla which propelled a 6 foot wave into D. Whilst this is an issue for the Configuaration Hydrografica ( excuse spelling it’s late at night) the Town Hall are looking to put a metal barricade up on the hill side to divert the water course into the rambla at the bottom of the hill. They are also taking action to make sure that the area around the pipes is cleared.

Squatters – this again is not a town hall problem – the process needs to involve the Guardia Civil. WE shall look into what we can do about this and it may very well be part of the process for identifying derelict and/or abandoned problems.

These are the CRA’s and Town Halls primary concerns and we now have a weekly meeting set up to make sure progress continues.

The MASA bonds – this matter is now being dealt with by  Murcia Transparente which is a legal body with teeth that has started a full investigation into the neglect and issues of Camposol.

The CRA , The Town Hall and the British Embassy and the European Authorities have entered into a working arrangement to address the problems of Camposol. The CRA and a couple of active members have been in meetings during the past week with Murcia Transparente and the Town Hall to identify the immediate issues that need satisfying. The Mayor of Mazarron has been invited to a meeting with the British Embassy this week. This ladies and gents was one of the surprises I hinted at towards the end of last year and I am glad to see how quickly this is now progressing. There is more to follow. The next activity from the working party will be a report from the Murcia Transparente outlining their findings and recommendations.